Saturday, January 23, 2010

You asked.

As I am not making casseroles daily, many have asked what we eat on other days. Last night Joyce did a roast although she rarely cooks. She does liver and onions about once a month and her special chicken casserole. Not from the book.
We get casseroles from Nancy's Kitchen in the neighborhood and meals from "What's for dinner" in Lake Oswego. They deliver and the meals are about $13-$14. Although they are made for two they always feed three of us with some left over. I also, have met a little Asian man at Safeway who guides me to the best value in fish for that day and tells me how to cook it. Also, usually rubs it with his mixture of "secret spices".
I buy the $5.00 roasted chicken at Safeway when they have it. They also have a Coconut and Curry Bisque at Safeway We often have that on Mondays when I clean out the refrigerator with left overs (chicken, vegetables, rice, etc.)and place them in my "Refrigerator Soup". Thought you would like to know.

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