Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spicy Southwest Beef and Bean Chili. This is the first recipe in the third section of the book, Slow-Cooker recipes. I should have known from the name that it would be a little too much for us. It called for two tablespoons of chili powder. I hesitated. Thought I should decrease the amount, but then would I be following my original intentions --of cooking like I filled prescriptions.

One friend told me to heat it with potatoes to decrease the spice. Another said to heat it with yogurt. I did that and it made it tolerable. What would you have done? Or maybe you like that much chili powder.

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  1. Hi Joan, as much as I like spicy hot food, I always decrease the hot chili and taste before adding more if needed. You wouldn't be following the recipe but they are only a guide (my thoughts). You know your tastes. Adele